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Birthday [Aug. 8th, 2011|12:00 am]
Jouva Moufette
 31. Yep.
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My first drinks [Jul. 12th, 2011|10:31 pm]
Jouva Moufette
( Crossposted from my blog )

This past weekend I visited a friend up in New York. Before we went to his place, he convinced me to finally have some alcoholic drinks, though I wasn’t terribly happy that he did so, considering I was saying I’ve not drank before and didn’t ever plan to. He still managed to convince me to try something very small. So he grabbed 2 bottles of wine (one red, one a zinfandel) and also bought some Mike’s Hard Lemonaid.

We got back to his place and I tried the red wine first. The taste was a bit strong and bitter to me. It had 3 distinct tastes (that I can’t describe easily), but one of which was the alcohol itself. While I am aware there’s seemingly 1 million types of red wines and ages and whatnot, the red wine just didn’t really please me.

I then tried the zinfandel. This was cheaper than the red wine but surprisingly a little less strong to me. But again, I could not get past the alcohol in the drink. The alcohol is not a pleasing taste. I might be wrong, but I don’t believe most people like the taste of the alcohol in itself.

Finally later I tried the Mike’s Hard Lemonade. This is something I myself have said “if I ever try an alcoholic drink, it would be something like this, due to its low alcohol content and flavor I could already be familiar with”. So I gave it a go. I tried both limeade and lemonaide flavors. Both of these were fairly decent. But once again, that alcohol flavor came back to haunt me.

I never want to drink to get drunk. Ever. Never. It’s not my style. I don’t want to over do it for reasons I fear:
  • Potential alcoholism (doubt that would happen because I hate things that don’t taste good)
  • Social awkwardness (breaking secrets, admitting things I wouldn’t want to, etc)
  • Hangovers (enough said)
In the end, the taste wasn’t appealing and the reasons to drink other than taste aren’t appealing to me at all. I mildly regret drinking in the first place, but only because I had gone so long without drinking only to find out I wasn’t going to like it anyway.
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I AM AN ENEMY! [Mar. 25th, 2011|02:10 am]
Jouva Moufette
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[Current Mood |master seageant shooter person]
[Current Music |USA Is Dominate]

I am a paratrooper, because that is a real life war scenerio. You cannot shoot me, because this is a cut scene to make the game feel more dramatic, like a movie. Soon I will be landing. I have landed on the ground.
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My 30th birthday [Aug. 11th, 2010|07:33 pm]
Jouva Moufette
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Sorry I didn't post this to LJ earlier. I've been too busy to do so otherwise and have not been at home during my birthday weekend.

I just turned 30 on the 8th. I was visiting wolfekko swampy_t_fox and snowhusky01 and had a great time there!

So back in April while in Ocean City, we filmed an early "surprise" for my birthday. Now that it's my birthday, it's been posted! Go watch at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvvkx1yggXM (warning, video not safe for people with closed minds, lack of humor, or that believe fursuits are made of paper)

Thanks to:
swampy_t_fox For filming
tjcoyote For filming
tilt_longtail For filming, starring, and being the general influence to even make this video!
whitepaw_80 For photography
hikaru75 For photography
wolfekko For starring, helping me come up with the full script and encouraging me to still make the video
skippyfox For starring
scootersquirrel ;For starring

No thanks to that car that snowhusky01 owns and kept him from coming to Doodah :(
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2 weeks! [Jul. 23rd, 2010|12:17 pm]
Jouva Moufette
2 weeks from now I'll be arriving in Virginia to visit wolfekko  and sporty_fox  with snowhusky01  also coming to join in on the visit. That Sunday is my 30th birthday. This should be a birthday to remember!
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After a long wait, Fursuit DDR videos 13 through 15 uploaded! [May. 1st, 2010|12:32 pm]
Jouva Moufette
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(Crossposted from my blog)

Alright it's been many many months since I made new fursuit DDR videos; almost a year infact (since July 13th). I stopped for a while because my pads broke on me.

But last month I got a new working pad. So now I bring you another edition of my Fursuit DDR videos... 80's edition!

I just went to FCN 2010 so I'm still on a bit of an 80's kick (especially since it seems like a lot of places are playing more and more 80's these days). So I decided to reflect that in my videos with three songs from the 80's* licensed for DDR

Video #13 - The Reflex dedicated to Aka Karyuu and Eternal
Video #14 - Take On Me
Video #15 - Video Killed The Radio Star AAA!

Enjoy! Don't forget to rate the videos, leave comments and subscribe to my channel for more videos like these!

* = TECHNICALLY Video Killed The Radio Star is from 1979, but it was only a 3 month gap from the 80's and is still heavily associated with the 80's for being the first song ever played on MTV.
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Fail spam [Apr. 29th, 2010|11:07 am]
Jouva Moufette
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From: "Gilberto Hayes" <admore@uesolutions.co.uk>
To: jouva@moufette.com
Subject: Re: Canadianpharmacy
Dear Sue, 
Here is the link I promised you to send yesterday. I had tried many ways =
and tricks to heat up the bedroom and was almost desperate. Our relations=
hip began to die. My sister advised me what to do and now we are a happy =
couple again.
Hugs, Kate.

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Lack of context is a funny thing [Apr. 20th, 2010|12:25 am]
Jouva Moufette
[Tags|, ]

(Me talking like a retarded dog): I made wee wee in the corner. Nyaaaaaaay!
(KodyWolf talking on phone): Ok that sounds good
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*ahem* [Mar. 26th, 2010|01:19 pm]
Jouva Moufette
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Oh god [Jan. 7th, 2010|01:23 am]
Jouva Moufette
Elliott's Summer Celebration will be 7-8 August, 2010



I just want to be at some sort of fun furry gathering of some sort on my 30th birthday!
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